Sunday, 19 October 2014

The frog that kissed the princess

The frog was by the pond. The pond is covered by beautiful waterlilies over the quite water under the shadow of the tall trees.
A dragonfly flew by. The dragonfly was doing a dance over the waterlilies. As the dragonfly flew from one waterlily to the next, the dragonfly made ripples on the pond's quite water.
And the ripples spread through the surface making beautiful circular patterns.
The frog kissed the dragonfly, and a cloud of purple smoke rose from the waterlilies covering the dragonfly.
When the smoke disappeared a beautiful princess appeared.
"Thank You Little Frog!", said the princess.
And tip toeing on the waterlilies, the princess danced. As the princess touched each waterlily, the waterlily blossomed into another layer of color.
The dance was the most beautiful ballet the frog had ever seen.
In a swirl the princess danced away.
The frog jumped into the water and swam under the waterlilies.
As the frog made bubbles under water, the bubbles float to the surface. Each bubble surrounded a waterlily. The sunshine rays came through the tall trees to the water bubbles and opened into a rainbow.
The pond was full of color, and the frog sang "Let's be together!"