Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Big Pirate Ship

Why do we have pirates in our imaginary? Do you tell pirate stories to your kids? How do your kids feel about pirates? Do they want to be a pirate? Do they understand what a pirate is? Is a pirate simply a symbol for bad people? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl got lost in the library. This library is big. Papi liked to bring the Little Girl to the library, Papi said all stories lived in this big building full of books. And each book could whisper a beautiful story.
The Little Girl was afraid, many stories have bad people or big monsters. The Little Girl did not want to find a bad man or a big monster before she could find Papi.
"Oh! Oh! Oh!", heard the Little Girl from behind the bookshelf, was it Santa Claus or was it a big bad pirate. The Little Girl crouched behind the bookshelf and waited to listen a bit more.
"Oh! Oh! Oh!, Where are all the kids?", must be Santa Claus, he wants to give presents to kids. The Little Girl stood up to go and meet Santa, and continued to listen to the man with the loud voice talking.
"Oh! Oh! Oh!, Where are all the kids? Those nasty little rascals need to be punished for waking me up".
"On no!", though the Little Girl, "that is not Santa, that is an angry man."
And the big angry man appeared from behind the bookshelf, "Ah! Ah! Ah!, Here is a Little Girl, catch her", said the Pirate Captain to all the ugly pirates.

The Little Girl climbed the bookshelf as fast as she could, and the books helped the Little Girl. one by one, the books stretched out of the bookshelf and made a staircase in front of the Little Girl.
the Little Girl ran up the staircase and climbed above the tallest bookshelves. She could now see the clouds under her.

The Little Girl continued to run over the clouds looking for an exit. Suddenly the clouds finished and the little Girl could see down a volcano island with a pirate ship docked in the bay. The Little Girl flew down towards the ship.

As the Little Girl was flying, she looked back and saw the pirates falling from the edges of the clouds into the sea. Suddenly she could listen to a repetitive sound: "tic-toc-tic-toc-tic-toc". She looked down to where the pirates were falling and saw a pair of eyes ticking with the sound. It was the big crocodile. The pirates ran above the water strait to the pirate ship.
The Little Girl was feeling tired of flying and needed to rest, but the only place she could see near enough was the pirate ship. The Little Girl flew slowly to the pirate ship not making any noise.

The story continues at Row Row Row Your Boat...

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Little Mermaid

How do you teach your kids to swim? Are they naturals? Do they like water? Do they need convincing to enter a swimming pool? Do they complain with the floaters? WHat was it like the first time they attempted swimming? And what was it like the first time they were successful in their attempt at swimming? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl was excited, she knew Papi today was taking her to the  swimming pool. Poor Papi, he forgot the swimming floaters, the Little Girl Girl add to remind Papi. But Papi smiled, "Today you don't need the floaters".
"Why?", asked the Little Girl.
"You will see Little Girl!", answered Papi.
They arrived at the swimming pool, it was a different swimming pool, not the usual they came to.
"Papi, this is different!"
"Yes it is", answered the smiling Papi.
The Little girl saw a big swimming pool with many kids playing around. No kids were using floaters. They all had their little heads above water for a little bit to just dive the next minute.
The Little Girl entered with Papi into the swimming pool.
Papi held her hand, the water was different, it was harder. The Little Girl was floating.
"Papi, I am floating without the floaters!", shouted excitedly the Little Girl.
Soon the Little Girl started copying the other Kids. She dove into the water...
"Papi, I am a mermaid".
And the Little Mermaid swam in the pool. She was like a wild animal being freed into the wilderness. She felt as if she belonged in that small swimming pool her entire life.
Papi shed a salty tear, her Little Girl was now a lovely Little Mermaid.
The other parents shared tears of joy.
It was the tears of the parents that filled this magic swimming pool where all of them came to teach their children how to become mermaids.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Little Butterfly

What would you want if you could change your body ? Probably being thinner, or taller, or stronger...
Have you asked that question to a child? Probably you get the answer to have wings, or be a mermaid, or have elastic arms...
Kids imagination is so fantastic, what happens that makes us loose such a wishes?
Tell me your story, here is mine...

Little Girl was looking at the red flower. A butterfly flew over and caught the Little Girls eyes.
- "Hello Butterfly, you have beautiful wings", said the Little Girl.
The butterfly flew around the Little Girl. As it flew the Little Girl looked and followed the beautiful butterfly spinning and the dress became a balloon.
- "You can fly, you have a beautiful balloon.", said the butterfly.
The Little Girl floated in the air and with a lot of energy used the arms to push her in the butterfly's direction. As the Little Girl used all her energy, the dress transformed into beautiful wings, and suddenly the Little Girl herself could fly with the butterfly.
- "I can see the lake, the garden, the flowers, the tree tops...", shouted excitedly the Little Girl.
As the Little Girl saw a beautiful garden picture of a flower, made of many flowers, she flew to the edge of the large flower, just like a butterfly looking for the flowers nectar.
Papi came to the garden at that very moment and saw the Little Girl flapping her dress at the garden edge.
- "Hello Little Girl, come, we are going to the garden.", said Papi.
-" I already saw the garden and tasted every flower.", said giggling the Little Girl.