Friday, 16 August 2013

The Wild White Mustang

My child loves all the rides she finds in shopping centers. And always asks me for a coin. Does your child also love those rides ? Do you give her a coin ? How often do you allow them that small or big pleasure ? How does your kid react ? Share your story, here is mine...

The little girl saw the beautiful riding horse at the shopping mall. The great white horse was surrounded by Indians that seamed to try to help the horse. The little girl liked the horse, it seemed very fast. And she like the furry white with the black and grey mane. The white steed looked very noble although being a wild mustang of the american green prairies.
The little girl wanted to ride the white horse, but the white horse wanted the little girl to give it something precious, the white horse wanted a shiny silver coin, and the little girl had none. The little girl asked Papi for a shiny silver coin, and Papi told the little girl that she needed to earn the coin. The horse wanted something valuable, it could not be something that just appeared from thin air.
"Papi, how do I earn a shiny silver coin ?"
Papi took the little girl to the parking lot. There Papi opened the door to the little girl's backseat and showed the little girl all the confusion of toys and comic books all over the seats. Papi gave the little girl a small canvas bag to put everything. The little girl happily started putting away all her toys and comic books. Everything into the small canvas bag, and soon Papi's car backseat started looking much nicer. The little girl even found a small plastic white horse.
"Look Papi, the kid of the big white horse, I will take the small horse to meet it's Papi."
After the little girl put all her toys and comic books away, Papi gave the little girl a shiny silver coin. The little girl was very proud and happy and started running to the big white horse.
"Hello horsey, I have for you a shiny silver coin". The little girl hopped on the horse's back and gave the horse the shiny silver coin. The wild white horse neighed and started running.
The little girl was happy, she could feel the wind on her face as the wild white mustang raced across the Indian camp. All the Indians cheered as the little girl passed by them. The little girl was running fast on the wild white mustang. The little girl passed by a little Indian princess, she was called Tiger Lily, and the two little girls became friends and played together. They both rode the wild white mustang, and the wild white mustang ran around the Indian Village.
All Indians were happy as they saw their little princess playing with the new friend, the little girl. The chief was very happy, the Indian chief gave Papi the Indian drink of happiness, Papi drank this hot drink that had a strong smell. Papi called it coffee. Papi and the Indian chief talked while the little girl and Tiger Lily the Indian princess rode the wild white mustang around the village.
A bad man came to the Indian village. The bad man was saying bad things to Tiger Lily. The little girl did not like and made the wild white mustang go to the bad man. The wild white mustang stand on it's back legs and kicked the bad man's gun with the front legs. All the Indians laughed and the little girl shouted: "Go away bad man!". The wild white mustang kicked the bad man in his behind and the bad man ran away.
All the Indians were happy and shouted hooray for the little girl. The little girl was very happy, she had helped the Indian Village and her new friend Tiger Lily the Indian Princess.
The little girl climbed down the wild white mustang and happily told her father the story of how she helped the Indians with the white horse.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Chess Street

The little girl was going down the street. Papi was taking the little girl shopping. The little girl crossed the street and now was just next to the shopping mall. The pavement was black and white. The pavement reminded the little girl of the funny black and white game Papi played with kings and queens.
The little girl could not step on the Black squares, that would make the shoes black. And the little girl liked her new red shoes. Papi had brought her the shoes from the land of the Indians. And the Indian shoes were much nicer than the ugly cowboy boots that made the tschlick noise when the cowboys walked and hurt the feet so bad that the cowboys made ugly faces.
The soft red shoes where very nice, so the little girl had to jump from white square to white square as she went along with papi to the shopping mall. The bid wall was right next to the nice square pavement. Papi said the wall could on go straight. That is why the wall had a special piece in papi's game. But papi called the wall the tower. The tower was very powerful, could block kings and queens from seeing the peasants. But the queen was very bad, she would go over the tower.
But the queen did not have the beautiful red shoes. Those were special, and they could jump from white square to white square. Papi started doing the same, papi was chasing the little girl from white square to white square. The little girl jumped faster, and papi had to fetch all is energies to chase the little girl.
Suddenly the little girl sees the big wall in front of her. What a powerful tower that was blocking her way. She looked to the window of the tower searching for the princess with the long hair. The little girl knew that soon a prince would come to rescue the princess in the tower. Papi said that the prince's horse jumped funny. The little girl was now looking for the horse that jumped funny.
The little girl saw the prince coming on horseback. But the horse did not jump funny. The little girl shouted to the prince: 'Make the horse jump'. And the horse did not jump funny, but the prince looked funny at the little girl. Papi said something to the prince about a shopping mall, when Papi said the princes name, the little girl giggled. Papi called the prince Police. The prince on the horse was Mr Policeman.
The little girl jumped on the white tiles all the way to the shopping mall that had the princess mannequins at the window.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Crocodile

The little girl sat by the swimming pool. She looked at Papi, she wanted to go into the water. She new she could not go unless Papi dressed her with the floaters. Papi seemed distracted and did not notice that the little girl was eager to get into the water. Finally she went to Papi, she held the floaters in her hand, and she swimmed in the air around Papi.
Papi got the message, with a smile, he held the floaters and dressed the little girl with them. One arm at a time. Once the little girl was dressed with the floaters, she ran to the edge of the swimming pool, eagerly waiting for Papi to come behind her. As soons as she felt Papi was close, she jumped into the swimming pool making a big splash. Papi followed and make a tsunami splash.
The little girl ran with the water slightly above her knees, she made nice waves as she ran throught the water. Papi layed in the water submerged with full body. Only the top of the head of Papi could be seen above water. Papi was a crocodile.
"Help me!", shouted the little girl, "the crocodile wants to eat my hand".
"Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc," the little girl could hear the ticking crocodile approaching. Ever since the crocodile ate the clock it made this funny sound. As soon as Captain Hook heard the Tic, his ears went up in antecipation to the Toc. And with this sound, Captain Hook ran as fast as he could on the water. Tic Toc, made the crocodile, Toc Tic made the Captain's legs. Tic Toc, made the crocodile, Toc Tic made the Captain's legs.
Hook was terrified with the sound of the ticking crocodile, he had already lost his right hand to the crocodiles teeth, he did not want to loose the other hand, or the foot, or the other foot. Tic Toc, made the crocodile, Toc Tic made the Captain's legs.
The Captain spoted the little fairy. Captain Hook ran towards Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell had the magic dust that could make the Captain fly. Captain Hook knew about Tinkerbell's magic dust, Captain Hook wanted the magic dust to fly away from the crocodile.
Tic Toc, made the crocodile, Toc Tic made the Captain's legs.
"Peter Pan!" shouted the little girl, "Peter Pan!".
Papi saw the little girl shouting and calling for Peter Pan.
"Peter Pan!" shouted Papi, "Peter Pan!".
"PETER PAN!" shouted the little girl, "louder Papi, PETER PAN!".
"PETER PAN", shouted Papi together with the little girl.
Both of them shouted for Peter Pan, the little girl wanted Peter Pan to rescue Tinkerbell.
"Peter Pan is not coming" said Papi to the little girl.
And the wise little girl replied to Papi "Peter Pan is afraid of grandma".

Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Cloud

The little girl look excitedly out of the window of the plane. The plane had just started roaring its engines, the little girl felt the grip of the seat telling her to sit comfortably. But she did not want to do so, out of the window was where all the excitement lay. The runaway giving to the speed of the airplane has it roared running to the sky and clouds.
The little girl could see the trees passing fast, and faster. The little girl could see now the trees from up, all the plush green, like little broccoli. The trees gave way to big houses, then to smaller houses, then to little houses. The little girl could see the bus on the highway, then the car, then another car, soon she could see the full highway with lots of little cars, the little cars seemed like little ants taking food to their house.

And the clouds were approaching, the little girl could see distinctively the clouds approaching. It felt as if the little girl was swimming in cloud candy. It soon became white all around to give way to a fantastic new scenery. From the windows, the little girl could see the many clouds, making a fluffy white carpet where the little girl could put her soft feet. The little girl took off her shoes, she wanted to feel the soft clouds under. And she ran.
The little girl ran on top of the cloud with bare feet, she jumped from one cloud mushroom to the next. She would flap her arms to help her with the balance, especially when the mushrooms were very distant. It felt good, the little girl laughed, giggled, as she jumped onto a new mushroom. Then flap her arms, this new mushroom is very far away. She jumped, she was eager to make it to the next white mushroom, but she had not yet tried such a distance. Flap the arms once more, give a bigger try, stretch the neck to kae the jump longer. She was in mid jump, suddenly she stopped laughing, she started to doubt if she could reach the next mushroom. The jump seemed to take all the time in the world, the little girl could sense time freezing as she swam with her arms, stretch an arm, advance a leg, through the other arm. The little girl could feel the arm stretching as far has it could. The little girl closed the eyes as if it helped pass the time, as if not seeing the soft white carpet between the white mushrooms made the jump easier. Another leg stretched, another arm swing forward, the little girl opened her eyes and saw her foot reaching for the mushroom. Soon the second foot landed on the soft plushy white mushroom. Both knees bent to make the land easier, but it was not needed, the white mushrooms where very soft, she landed softly on the big white mushroom.
The mushroom liked the little girl, it slowly transformed into a comfortable white sofa where the little girl landed. The little girl sat on the white sofa and saw an opening in the cloud floor. The opening became large, she was looking into the TV screen, she was swing the fantastic forest in the white television. High above the little girl could see the little birds flying around the Forrest trees. All the little birds chipped cheerfully a beautiful song. The little girl followed the song, singing softly the repeating melody with the little birds. Papi could hear the little girl humming some nursery rhyme, but he could not clearly identify the song. He placed the pillow under the little girls head, and covered her with the small blanket.
Papi was happy, he liked when the little girl fell asleep on the plane trips.
And the little girl was happy, she was learning to whistle with the little birds.