Sunday, 15 September 2013

Statues at the Swimming Pool

Ever been with your kids in an environment with only people without kids ? How did you feel ? Did the other people make you and your kids feel welcome ? Do you get the other people might have never in their life been children ? Or do you feel you invaded their small space the came to refuge from children ? Did you enjoy yourself ? Do you make sure your kids feel loved and enjoyed in such places ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The little girl arrived at the swimming pool. She loved the water, she always wanted to play in the water, it was always an adventure. The little girl still remembered the crocodile swimming to catch up with captain hook.
But this time it was different, it was the first time the little girl came to this swimming pool. It was the first time the little girl saw a swimming pool at a castle. The castle was big, lot of people were walking around, but here at the swimming pool, all the people where just sitting in beds and chairs around the pool. The people did not move, they seemed to just stare emptily at the books in their hands.
'Papi, the people don't move ?'
´They are statues little girl, they are statues, we are alone in the swimming pool'
With this the little girl jumped into the pool, making a huge splash. It was true,the people around the pool were just statues. The little girl laughed loudly, she was playing in the water, she splashed, made waves, jumped, laughed and jumped again with a splash.
The statues did not move, but the little girl did not worry, she was happy, she was alone at the pool, nobody to tell her to be quiet. It was bad when she was at home and the bad man from the floor under was always complaining at the little girl, she laughed and the old bad man banged on the floor.
But this time it was different, the sun was shining, and she was alone in the pool with Papi, she could make all the noise she wanted, only Papi and some statues reading books.

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