Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Crocodile

The little girl sat by the swimming pool. She looked at Papi, she wanted to go into the water. She new she could not go unless Papi dressed her with the floaters. Papi seemed distracted and did not notice that the little girl was eager to get into the water. Finally she went to Papi, she held the floaters in her hand, and she swimmed in the air around Papi.
Papi got the message, with a smile, he held the floaters and dressed the little girl with them. One arm at a time. Once the little girl was dressed with the floaters, she ran to the edge of the swimming pool, eagerly waiting for Papi to come behind her. As soons as she felt Papi was close, she jumped into the swimming pool making a big splash. Papi followed and make a tsunami splash.
The little girl ran with the water slightly above her knees, she made nice waves as she ran throught the water. Papi layed in the water submerged with full body. Only the top of the head of Papi could be seen above water. Papi was a crocodile.
"Help me!", shouted the little girl, "the crocodile wants to eat my hand".
"Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc," the little girl could hear the ticking crocodile approaching. Ever since the crocodile ate the clock it made this funny sound. As soon as Captain Hook heard the Tic, his ears went up in antecipation to the Toc. And with this sound, Captain Hook ran as fast as he could on the water. Tic Toc, made the crocodile, Toc Tic made the Captain's legs. Tic Toc, made the crocodile, Toc Tic made the Captain's legs.
Hook was terrified with the sound of the ticking crocodile, he had already lost his right hand to the crocodiles teeth, he did not want to loose the other hand, or the foot, or the other foot. Tic Toc, made the crocodile, Toc Tic made the Captain's legs.
The Captain spoted the little fairy. Captain Hook ran towards Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell had the magic dust that could make the Captain fly. Captain Hook knew about Tinkerbell's magic dust, Captain Hook wanted the magic dust to fly away from the crocodile.
Tic Toc, made the crocodile, Toc Tic made the Captain's legs.
"Peter Pan!" shouted the little girl, "Peter Pan!".
Papi saw the little girl shouting and calling for Peter Pan.
"Peter Pan!" shouted Papi, "Peter Pan!".
"PETER PAN!" shouted the little girl, "louder Papi, PETER PAN!".
"PETER PAN", shouted Papi together with the little girl.
Both of them shouted for Peter Pan, the little girl wanted Peter Pan to rescue Tinkerbell.
"Peter Pan is not coming" said Papi to the little girl.
And the wise little girl replied to Papi "Peter Pan is afraid of grandma".