Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Chess Street

The little girl was going down the street. Papi was taking the little girl shopping. The little girl crossed the street and now was just next to the shopping mall. The pavement was black and white. The pavement reminded the little girl of the funny black and white game Papi played with kings and queens.
The little girl could not step on the Black squares, that would make the shoes black. And the little girl liked her new red shoes. Papi had brought her the shoes from the land of the Indians. And the Indian shoes were much nicer than the ugly cowboy boots that made the tschlick noise when the cowboys walked and hurt the feet so bad that the cowboys made ugly faces.
The soft red shoes where very nice, so the little girl had to jump from white square to white square as she went along with papi to the shopping mall. The bid wall was right next to the nice square pavement. Papi said the wall could on go straight. That is why the wall had a special piece in papi's game. But papi called the wall the tower. The tower was very powerful, could block kings and queens from seeing the peasants. But the queen was very bad, she would go over the tower.
But the queen did not have the beautiful red shoes. Those were special, and they could jump from white square to white square. Papi started doing the same, papi was chasing the little girl from white square to white square. The little girl jumped faster, and papi had to fetch all is energies to chase the little girl.
Suddenly the little girl sees the big wall in front of her. What a powerful tower that was blocking her way. She looked to the window of the tower searching for the princess with the long hair. The little girl knew that soon a prince would come to rescue the princess in the tower. Papi said that the prince's horse jumped funny. The little girl was now looking for the horse that jumped funny.
The little girl saw the prince coming on horseback. But the horse did not jump funny. The little girl shouted to the prince: 'Make the horse jump'. And the horse did not jump funny, but the prince looked funny at the little girl. Papi said something to the prince about a shopping mall, when Papi said the princes name, the little girl giggled. Papi called the prince Police. The prince on the horse was Mr Policeman.
The little girl jumped on the white tiles all the way to the shopping mall that had the princess mannequins at the window.