Saturday, 14 November 2015

Kiki Cries for Paris

Kiki cries for Paris

- Papi, can I go outside and play?
- There are bad men on the streets...
- Papi, I want to play with my friends!
- Your friends at their home, today is home day Kiki!
- And tomorrow? Is tomorrow home day Papi?

- I hope not, tomorrow is hope day!
Today we hope for a better tomorrow...
- Papi, what is hope? what do we do for a better tomorrow?
- We teach the bad men how to be good...
- Papi, how do we teach bad men how to be good?

- We learn first how we clean our heart of bad things...
- Like when Ben through a rock at the dog?
- Ben through a rock at a dog?
- Yes Papi, and then he cried when the dog did not move...
- Yes Kiki, good that Ben cried!

- Papi, do the bad men cry?
- Don't know... but today all good men cry!