Saturday, 27 July 2013

Indians in the City

How are your trips through the city with your child ? Do all the details pop-up ? Does your child interact with the surroundings ? What is like a simple thing as a bus station ? or an underground train trip ? Do you get those magazines with toys ? Tell me your story.
here is mine...

The little girl was excited, Papi promised to take her to the city. Papi was going to fetch something complicated, but didn't matter, it was always fun to go with Papi to the city.
Hot day, very hot day!
Down the stairs and out the door, the little girl ran down as well as the first 40 meters out of the door.
"Papi, is to hot! I want my cappy"
Poor Papi, going back home and fetch the cap for the little girl. But it couldn't be any cap, Papi new better, it had to be the Football Club cap. No other chance! The little girl had begged for 2 all months for the cap. Not that she understood what 2 months meant, but Papi understood it, and after all that intensity begging, even though Papi was not from the same Football Club, he couldn't continue ignoring the requests from the little girl.
They finally managed to get going, at first she was running around curious with everything they found on the way. Be it a rock out of place, some fallen leaves with an interesting shape, or simply a butterfly.
The little girl always managed to wonder Papi. Papi wouldn't even look twice to a rock on the side of the street, much less to recognize the shape of a crocodile in that rock.
"Papi, look Papi, the crocodile, it must be looking for Captain Hook."
They soon arrived at the bus stop, but oddly as they approached the bus stop they seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, or either the bus stop was getting bigger and bigger. The little girl was afraid and Papi understood why, we could see many spiderwebs involving the bus stop. The webs where very big, and we had to avoid the spider webs together with the hundreds of busy ants that ran all over the place. We saw some ants getting caught in the webs, and the little girl was afraid when the big spider seamed to be coming in our direction. It was a scary sight, the legs of the small spider seemed to be 2 meters wide.
Papi caught some sticks on the floor and tossed into the spider web in front of the spider. Has Papi threw the sticks they would get glued to the web, seeming to just float there. Somehow, in the chaotic setting, the little girl laughed and said that the sticks hanging in the web looked like a birthday party. It really was so. Suddenly the spider did not seem so frightening. Just in time to see the big red lady bug arrive to get us out of the way of the spider.
The little girl and Papi entered the bus, it was cool, the air conditioned freshened both as they got in and sat. In such a hot day, this was a real pleasure, entering the fresh bus renewed the wish to go to the city. The little girl was almost discouraged from continuing the trip. Soon the bus arrived at the train station, and out again into the hot day.
"Papi, I want water".
Papi felt desperate with this cry. Where could he get water? Need to look for it at the train station. They moved on in the direction of the train station.
"Papi, don't want to go there."
"But there is water there, come, Papi will get you a bottle of water"
"Why is that?"
"In that cavern there is a big bad dragon!"
Papi looked into the entrance to the underground train. He was staring into the lair of the big dragon that had all the pirate treasure there.
"Come, Papi has the crystal sword, I will protect you, the dragon has a treasure of cold drinks and ice cream, we will fight the dragon and get cold water, with luck we will get the ice cream as well".
And off they both went into the lair of the big bad dragon. Papi was holding his phone with the light-saber app making the dreadful sounds of an epic sword fight. They managed to pass the corridors and reemerge at the ground level once again. When they reemerged at the platform, the little girl was holding a bottle of cold water from the spoils of the big bad dragon lair. The spoils also included a bow and 3 rubber arrows.
"Papi, now I can protect you with my bow!"
When we entered the train, many other fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, seemed to have all passed through the same epic battle. Many of the kids had bows and rubber arrows. They started all chatting in their secret language. The city today was receiving an invasion of little Indians.