Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Bee

What do you do when your child is afraid ? Assist her ? Calm her down ? Make her feel it is normal ? Enter panic and call for help ? There are no correct answers, I would like to know your stories.
Here is mine...

"The little girl was afraid. Fear stroke her for shed had seen something for the first time. She saw a big big insect rolling an even bigger ball of dirt. The insect was very strong, the dirt ball moving was five times the size of the insect. She had seen a scarab while she was playing in the garden. So big! Really big. But really really big.
"Papi!" she shouted. But father did not listen, or at least did not respond.
The little girl ran towards the house expecting of finding daddy. She ran, she ran, and the ball kept moving. As she looked back while she was looking for safety, she tripped on the garden fountain.
"Papi!" cried the little girl all wet now, "Papi!".
She got up, and continued running towards the house. "Bzzz" heard the little frightened girl. She heard the buzz and suddenly saw the source of the sound. A little bee was attracted like a magnet to the sun reflections in the water drops.
"Papi! Papi!" you could listen to the sense of urgency in the little girl's call for help.
She reached the house porch and saw her father trough the window as she ran towards the house.
Daddy was inside, "Papi! Papi!" she shouted almost breathless, "Bad critters!".
"Hello Little Girl" said father in a soothing voice, "What critters?"
"Big big, Papi, moving the ball, and also the bad bee!"
"The bees are not bad Little Girl, the bees came to our house to give us this pot of honey, you like honey Little Girl", said Papi.
"The bee give honey to Little Girl?"
"Yes, and Papi is making toast now, you want some with the toast?"
"Yes Papi", said the Little Girl.
The shining face of the Little Girl showed no signs of the fear minutes before. Papi was happy.