Friday, 26 July 2013

Papi is a Cloud

How is life when you just want to sit down in peace ? Does your child allow you to do that ? How is the energy level of your child playing alone ? Does your child play like a tornado taking everything in it's path or your child plays calmly alone not making any noise ? How do you feel ? Do you like it that way or would you prefer any different ? Tell me your story.
Here is mine...

The little girl jumped on the sofa. The little girl jumped with Bolt the dog on one hand, and Jumpy the rabbit on the other. Bolt didn't like to jump, that was for Jumpy to do. Bolt would rather run than to be just going up and down. It seemed a bit pointless to be on the same spot going up and down, but he's owner, the little girl, seemed to love it. She was smiling and laughing as she jumped up and down.
Jumpy on the other hand was very happy. He always liked when he's owner, the little girl, held him while jumping. The little girl jumped along the L-shaped sofa, leaving no cushion behind without a couple of jumps. Jumpy's ears followed the pattern. The ears were in sync with the little girls hair. Even jumpy's mouth seamed to have a smile as big as the little girl's.
Papi passed by to pickup a book he had left on the sofa. As he did so, the little girl waved at Papi. She was laughing and giggling, Papi was feeling like he could do well with less 50 kg and less 25 years. The sofa's cushions seemed really to invite the jumping up and down. Either that or simply the smiling little girl holding a plush dog and a plush rabbit. one more giggle, Papi smiled back at the little girl.
Since Papi could not jump up and down on the sofa, he decided at least to sit there while the little girl was jumping. while doing so, he dropped the book. The little girl promptly giggled at Papi's mistakes:
"Papi is goofy, Papi is goofy!"
The little girl seemed happy for once having Papi making the nonsense stuff instead of her, it felt good see that Papi also made mistakes, she suddenly felt that she was not alone in the world of silly stuff.
Just as the little girl laughed and sang the new lullaby loudly she banged into Papi while he was sitting. Somehow that laughing and giggling got contagious and infected Papi as well. They both giggled together for being goofy at the same time. Now was Papi's turn to feel good about not being alone making mistakes.
Papi sat and the little girl started a new jumping pattern. When jumping along the L-shaped sofa she passed by Papi, she would sit on his belly. And the lullaby got a new verse when she did that.
"Papi is a cloud! Papi is a cloud!"
That seemed quite a nice way of referring to Papi's extra pounds around the waist. Somehow at that moment the cloud suddenly became radiant as if the sun was just revealing itself from behind the cloud.
The little girl brought all the cushions and built a wall around Papi's belly. She carefully laid the cushions in the same pattern as when she built the Lego walls. Carefully laying the bricks made the soft but solid wall come to life around Papi's belly.
The little girl disappeared for a while to suddenly reappear dressed with the pirate clothes. The little girl became Captain Hook that could fly and was jumping on all the clouds looking for Peter Pan. 
Peter Pan would have a tough time today escaping the sword invests of the energetic Captain Hook.