Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Castle

What is it like to take your child to visit monuments ? Can they be still ? Do they run around the place ? Do they ask questions ? Are they in search for something ? Tell me your story.
Here is mine...

Papi was reading the story about the longest castle in Europe. A beautiful story about a beautiful castle, but what impressed more was the small modern village actually thriving and living between the castle walls. It's not everyday that you see the mailman passing along the street delivering mail to the small house along the castle walls. Something strange and paradoxical about the image, nevertheless with the charm of a small well preserved village.
The mailman had parked the bicycle near the fountain and was now delivering a small parcel to one of the traditional hoses. The plain white wall contoured by the wooden windows and doors, along with the wooden vases with the blooming pink and red flowers gave a touch of simplicity to the picture.
Nearby a tourist was taking pictures of the fountain while examining with great detail the engravings around the fountain. it told a story of a king in love, that everyday his subjects came to wish a wife for the king and threw a coin into the fountain.
Nearby we could see a small two story restaurant, it advertised a dish of roast boar cooked in the central fire pit located in the bottom story. The great walls seemed to contain and amplify the heat within the room, thus we get a feeling that it is now only the boar that is getting cooked. Everybody could feel the intensive heat that gave the meat that succulent taste by not drying the meat.
As we sat on the top story enjoying the roast boar we could see another paradoxical scene. We could see cloth lines in several small houses with modern clothes handing. Some pairs of jeans and colored t-shirts seemed quite out of place, but provided nevertheless a joyful color to the scene.