Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Ball

Do your kids like their toys ? Do they loose their toys ? What happens when your kids cannot find their favorite toys ? Do you help them find the toys ? Do you improvise a treasure hunt ? Or a search and rescue ? Are there typical spots where the toys end up being lost ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Happy face. Sad Face. Happy face. Where is my ball?
The shooting star flashes in the night sky, all the flowers went to sleep. But where is my ball ?
I cannot find my ball, I cannot ask the pretty flower. The pretty flower is sleeping, and the shooting star did not wake up the pretty flower.
Look down, look up, where is my ball ?
Look left, look right, where is my ball ?
Open your eyes and count the flowers. One pretty flower, two pretty flowers, three. Four pretty flowers, five pretty flowers, six. Where is my ball ?
All the flowers are sleeping, I cannot ask the pretty flowers. Where is my ball ?
Follow the shooting star, follow the shooting star. The shooting star knows where is my ball.
Happy face. Sad Face. Happy face. I found my ball!
Sleep pretty flower, I found my ball, now I can go to bed and fall asleep.

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