Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Pyramid

Do your children like books ? Do he know how to read ? Do they just like pictures ? Do they recognize some of the letters or words ? Do you ever find them alone looking at books ? Do you provide them books to keep them motivated ? Do you sit together with them and read ? Do you read before bedtime ? Have you read craft books and then make the things with them ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

If you looked closely, that shiny pyramid in the center of the room was nothing more than the little girl reading her books with a flashlight under the sheets. Mother was always angry that she didn't go to bed early enough, but since she found this book locked in the hidden treasure at the Chinese restaurant, she couldn't stop reading the book. She had to reach the end of the fascinating story. It was by pure chance that the little girl found the treasure.
The treasure was hidden in plain sight, it was just in the end of the corridor next to the fish tank. When the little girl passed by, she had the feeling that the fishes were telling her to stop! Stop! Look at the locked box. There was a box, she managed to open the lock with the hair pin, and inside was the fantastic book of a thousand adventures.
Now every night, as soon as she could see the moon from the bedroom window, she would take the book from it's hiding place, cover herself with the bed sheets, and turn on the flashlight. She would light each word. She would read each sentence. She would imagine the scene at each paragraph. She would live each adventure in the storybook.

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