Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Skyscraper

Do your children tell you your dreams ? Do they share that most inner part of them ? Do you tell them your dreams ? Do you still dream ? Or do you tell your wishes ? Do you talk about the future ? Do you simply tell each other stories ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Once upon a time a little girl fell in the fountain. When she fell, the huge splash in the water made a rainbow that went straight into the clouds. The little girl stepped on the rainbow and ran upwards. As she ran towards the clouds she counted all the windows in the skyscraper. When she reached the clouds at the top of the rainbow, she could see small smiling fluffy sheep in each window of the skyscraper. She counted the sheep from the soft clouds in the vast blue sky. One little sheep, two little sheep, three. Four little sheep, five little sheep, six. She fell asleep. She fell asleep and floated downwards like a feather. She was now fully grown, she was a beautiful snow flake that made the sun shine brighter as its light reflected on the surface of the beautiful snowflake.