Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Wardrobe

Have you ever get the feeling you gad the same dream as your child ? Why did it happen ? is it frequent ? Do you talk about it with your child ? Too many movies being watching together ?
Here is my story...

We found the magic wardrobe. The wardrobe is made of the finest wood of the tallest trees in the world. It is said to contain magic and mysterious powers. What lies behind the closed door ? Let's take a peek through the keyhole and search for it's magic...
We see a forest of the same trees the wardrobe is made of, we sense the fresh smell of the leaves, we feel the soft wind in our eye... It is best if we go in, let's open the door and look into the mysterious forest.
We open the door quietly, and we pass through it into the green windy forest. We ear the humming of the birds, the crickets singing, the bees flying around. And we discover why the wind is nor regular, looking high above in the sky we can see the big red dragon flying and flapping it's strong wings.
Every time the red dragon flaps the wings, the air in the forest moves among the tree leaves with a whoosh.
Too much adventure for one day, let's go back into the wardrobe.
Oh No!
We trip on the tree roots and fall to the grass. The red dragon listens to our noise and comes down flying with a swoop. The mouth opens wide and we can see the fire starting to rush in a ball of fire.
We wake up, the Little Girl is sound asleep near me, still some minutes before the alarm clock rings for the morning.
I get up, make some toast, milk and honey!
Soon after the alarm clock, the Little Girl comes and greets me. We sit together having breakfast, and she happily tells me a fantastic story about a dragon in the wardrobe.