Tuesday, 23 July 2013

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

How did you teach the numbers to your child ? Did he pick them up ? Did you teach in a song ? Used the fingers ? Did he change the order ? And understanding the meaning when counting ? Tell me your story.
Here is mine...

- One, Two, Four, Five!
The sequence of numbers could be heard! I was amazed that the neighbors did not yet complain.
- One, Two, Four, Five!
And three kept missing.
- One, Two, Four, Five!
Yes, indeed, the three is still missing.
- Little Girl, let me help you, lets count the little fingers: One little finder, two little fingers, three, four little fingers, five!
- One, Two, Four, Five.
- Where is number Three Little Girl ?
- One, Two, Three, FIVE!
Ok, the three got in to replace the four... this is going to take some time!
- Little Girl, One, Two, Three, Four, Five!
- One, Two, Three, FIVE!
- Little Girl, let's count the fingers: One, Two, Three, Four , Five.
- One, Two, Three,  Five, FIVE!
Should I insist ? The Little Girl will tired and irritated, better switch now to something different.
And I started telling the number story to the Little Girl!

The little girl lived in one tent. With the little girl lived with her father Chief Numbercounter in the same tent. In the one tent lived two people, the little girl and the big chief. The tent had 3 corners inside. The door in the middle, two corners each side, and another third corner in the back!
The tent had three corners, one, two, three.
The little girl gave a gift to the big chief. She had the surprise wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper. The Chief Numbercounter was surprised with the gift. The little girl had used beautiful pink paper to wrap her surprise. The Chief Numbercounter unwrapped the gift. The big chief pulled one corner of the paper, he pulled a second corner of the paper, he pulled a third corner of the paper and the surprise was revealed to Chief Numbercounter. Wrapped in the pink paper was a corner, a brand new corner for the tent.
The big chief picked up carefully the corner and took it to the tent. Now the tent had one more corner. So the Chief Numbercounter started counting the corners of the tent: One, Two, Three and the new one FOUR. Now the tent had four corners! One, Two, Three, Four!
The little girl looked through the door to the inside of the tent. Before the new corner, the floor of the tent was a triangle, it had three corners. But big chief put the new corner to the tent. Now the floor of the tent was different, the floor of the tent was now a square. The little girl looked into the tent through the tent's door, magic, it was now a square.
The big chief teaches one more thing to the little girl... magic! Look little girl, look to the top of the tent, there is another corner, see up there ? The little girl was amazed, yes, in the ceiling of the tent there was another corner. That is corner number FIVE! so let's count the corners now.

- One corner, two corners, three. Four corners, FIVE!
- One, Two, Three, Four, FIVE!
The tent now is a pyramid. It has a square floor, and four triangle walls, with a total of five corners.
- One, Two, Three, Four, FIVE!
- One, Two, Three, Four, FIVE!