Friday, 19 July 2013

The Path

Do you know your path ? Do you know what part of that path you will be travelling with your child ? Will you teach your child to take his own steps ? Will you try to lay out your child's path for him ? Will you teach your child to take decisions and be autonomous ? Or you let him follow the path as it lays in front of him ?

We are the world. The world is the stage for the theater of life.
Doesn't matter what we say, all of us have an important part in this theater play. We get to live our lives. We get to say our thoughts, and let our thoughts affect our lives. Let our thoughts affect the theater play.
The play is not yet written, and all the actors have a chance to write their own parts. Each one roles his own dice or not, and that way decide their own fate.
Some will cross the bridge, some will cross the rainbow. All of us will take our path.
Some don't like to decide, others take the decisions of who they want to follow.
And thus everyone of us plays his part in the theater of life.

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