Monday, 6 January 2014

Another Little GIrl

Has it happened to you that suddenly in a park your child is best friends with another child ? What do you do ? Do you encourage ? Do you talk to the other child parents ? Just exchange smiles ? Give your phone number to setup a playdate ? Tell me your story.
Here is mine...

The Little Girl was chasing the monkey in the tropical forest. It was difficult to keep pace with the monkey, it jumped fast over all the obstacles and the Little Girl had to climb over them, go under them, jump, duck, slide to avoid each different obstacle on the way. But the Little Girl was not alone, another Little Girl was also chasing the monkey, also having tough challenges to overcome each obstacle.
"You go that way and I go this way, we catch the monkey in the middle," - said the Little Girl in the red dress said to the Little Girl in the pink dress.
The monkey ran from the Red Girl and did not notice the Pink Girl. Suddenly the monkey was running straight into the Pink Girl.
"The monkey is coming, the monkey is coming!" - shouted the Pink Girl.
"Yes, catch him." - shouted and ran the Red Girl.
The monkey jumped into the air, caught a high branch, and passed high above the Pink Girl's head. The monkey landed just to get the Red Girl jump on it.
"We got the monkey!", shouted the Red Girl.
"Yes, we got the monkey!", agreed the Pink Girl.
"Look Papi, me and my best friend, we caught the monkey!", said the Red Girl while the Pink Girl was giggling.
"Look Papi, it's the first time I got the monkey!", said the Pink Girl very happily to the Pink Papi.
Red Papi and Pink Papi exchange smiles while the Little Girls ran through the maze with the monkey.
They both got out of the maze and went through the river with crocodiles.
The crocodile would chase the Red Girl and the Pink Girl called the attention of the crocodile. Then the other way around, the crocodile would chase the Pink Girl and the Red Girl distracted the crocodile. Playing this game the Red Girl and the pink Girl reached the other side of the river. Once on the other side both shouted happily jumping up and down.
The Red Girl and the Pink Girl reached the base of the volcano. the Red Girl climbed the first steps, gave the hand to the Pink Girl, and stone by stone, step by step both climbed the volcano. High up the volcano both Girls jumped up and down showing their conquest of the volcano. They waved their arms and Red Papi and Pink Papi could see them very cheerful.
The Red Girl and Pink Girl caught a lava burst and both slided down the volcano very fast. They reached the base of the volcano and both jumped together holding hands.
The Red Girl and the pink girl laughed, giggled, ran, played, jumped...

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