Monday, 20 January 2014


Do you encourage your child to practice all sports ? or just some ? Do you want your child to go with you in sport adventures ? Or you let him go on his own adventures with his friends ? Did you go with him to select the equipment ? Is getting the right equipment part of your common adventure with your child ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"I like these skies Papi, they have a very tiger... and it's like the tiger on the helmet", said the Little Girl enthusiastically looking at the orange skies.
"They look good, and they will make you go fast, do you want to go fast on the snow Little Girl", asked Papi.
"Yes, I want to go fast in the snow, like Nicholas in the reindeer sleigh."
"Papi, Papi, I want these boots, they are red and they also have a tiger ."
"Do you have all that we need for the ski lessons ?", asked Papi.
"We need the glasses and the dinosaur mouth.", answered the Little Girl.
"The dinosaur mouth ? what is that?"
"This!", pointed the Little Girl to a ski mask to protect nose and mouth from the cold air with a big dinosaur mouth with big teeth painted.
"You are going to look scary in this Little Girl, sure you need it ?"
"Na, but it looked cool!", said honestly the Little Girl.
At the kindergarten the all the kids with their parents were waiting for the bus. It looked like a colorful army with little rainbow soldiers of peace. All the kids with their colored ski suits, colored helmets, colored glasses holding the long colored skies was really a cool sight to be seen.
The bus came and all the kids went on board.
Behind stood a lot of parents waiting for their kids to come.
The hours passed and Papi was nervous and excited. How was his Little Girl behaving at the ski lessons ? Well, soon the bus would come back and he could talk with his Little Girl.
The bus arrived, the Little Girl ran on her clumsy ski boots to see Papi.
"And then we went whoosh, and we fell on the snow, then I got up and went like this and this...", the little girl was very excited telling her story, running around in zigzags. "Then the red boy passed, and the green boy passed, and the pink girl fell, and we laughed, and we had a party, and we painted the noses, and we went with the hands on the knees, and the blue boy fell, and the yellow girl fell, and I passed, and we had a party..." and the story went on for a couple more hours. Papi wanted to know everything, and he got everything, just not in the correct order.