Friday, 17 January 2014

Spider-man fetches Papi

How do you feel when you are one week away from your children ? What are you thoughts during that week ? What does it feel like coming home ? Do you bring a toy or souvenir for your children ? How do they react to it ? Do you tell them the story of that toy ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"Hello Spider-man, you found Papi and brought him back", says the Little Girl to Spider-Man.
"Yes, Papi was bad, he was away for too long, it was time for him to come home!", answered Spider-Man.
"Yes, I said the same thing to Papi on the phone tomorrow!"
"You mean yesterday?"
"No, yesterday me and Papi will go to the swimming pool."
"Hum, I talked with Papi yesterday, and I was going to bring him."
"Spider-Man, why did you not bring him?"
"He look like he really needed to work." answered Spider-Man.
"Papi is always working, he only wants money and more money.", complained the Little Girl.
"But Papi needs to get food, toys, clothes.... and for this Papi needs money."
"But I want Papi!"
"Papi is back today, he came with me!"
"Thank You Spider-Man, you are the best, I wanted to have Papi as a present, thank you."