Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Walk

Do you need excuses to have some quality time with your child ? Do you have it regularly ? Do you want it ? Does your child want that time with you ? How frequently you have it ? What do you do during that time ? What does your child want to do ? What do you do together ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl was looking at the piano, she was sad, the piano did not play the music.
"Papi, the piano has no batteries", cried the Little Girl.
"We should go out and buy batteries, let's go Little Girl", answered Papi.
"Yeah!", shouted happily the Little Girl.
They went out of the house to the street, the Little Girl went't excited explaining all the things she could do with the piano. Papi went calmly by her side choosing the best path to the shop.
"Papi, catch me, catch me...", started the Little Girl running down the path.
Papi pretended to be running as much as he could to catch the Little Girl. The Little Girl ran laughing. and Papi ran in very short steps after saying "I will catch you, I will catch you."
Suddenly she came to a stop, she was looking at a strange thing on the wooden fences. "What is this Papi ?", Papi looked at the mushrooms and answered "Mushrooms".
"Mushrooms, what are mushrooms ?", asked the Little Girl.
"Do you remember your cartoons, that's the house of your little bugs.", explained Papi.
"Oh, let's visit them Papi...." begged the Little Girl.
"We have to ran fast around the mushroom so that we become smaller and smaller to be able to visit the mushroom.", proposed Papi.
Papi and the Little Girl ran around the mushroom, and ran, and ran as the mushroom became bigger and bigger. They could see the little door and the little window grow with the mushroom. At a certain moment the Little Girl stopped, "Let's get inside Papi!".
"Little Girl, we have to run a little bit more around the mushroom, or else Papi cannot get in", said Papi.
"Oh! Oh! you are right Papi.", and they ran together another full circle around the mushroom. They played the doorbell and the grasshopper opened the door.
"Oh Hello, you came just in time for tea," the grasshopper invited them him.
The Little Girl was happy, she asked the grasshopper the story of the honey and the bee, and she listened to the story with full attention. Papi was delighted to experience the Little Girls stories come to life.
After the story the grasshopper gave the Little Girl a gift, and told the Little Girl that she could only open it when she was big again. Papi and the Little Girl went outside, said thank you to the grasshopper and ran the other way around seeing the mushroom becoming smaller and smaller.
The Little Girl opened the grasshopper's present, it was a set of batteries.
"Look Papi, we have the batteries, we can fix the piano now". And happily they went running and looking at all the plants and flowers on their way home, talking all the little details of their encounter with the grasshopper that had tea, cookies and batteries.