Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Bus

How are your days when your kid simply doesn't want to go to the kindergarten ? Do you try to convince him ? Do you simply take him and end of discussion ? Do you negotiate ? Do you explain why it'S good ? What are the reasons your kid doesn't want to go ? It happens everyday or just occasionally ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"No!", shouts the Little Girl running away from Papi.
"Come Little Girl, today it is nature day at kindergarten...", Called Papi.
"No! I don't want to go! I want to stay home.", cried the Little Girl.
"Why you want to stay home?"
"Because I fall and I get hurt, I don't like to fall!", cried the Little Girl.
"Do you know why we fall Little Girl ?", asked Papi.
"No! Why do we fall ? I don't like to fall!"
"We fall so that we can learn to stand up. Standing up is good, you have to stand up so that you can do things."
"No, but it hurts when you fall down."
"But each time you fall down, you learn something new, you learn not to fall so easy again."
"But it hurts...", cried the Little Girl.
"You don't fall down so many times now Little Girl, you are getting better."
"If I fall down a tree I learn not to fall again ?"
"At least you learn that to fall down a tree you must climb the tree!", explained Papi.
"But i like to climb the tree"
"And you know that if you go to the thinner branches you will fall, right ?"
"So when you climb the tree, you know that you should not go to the thin branches or you will fall, right ?"
"Come Little Girl, let's go get the bus to take you and your little friends to nature day at kindergarten."
"Yes Papi"

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