Friday, 24 January 2014

The Giant Rabbit

How do you ask your kids about their day at school ? Do your kids tell what happened during their day ? What activities ? What made them laugh today ? Do you listen to their stories ? Is there some other meaning to what they tell you ? Do you make it a ritual for everyday to know how was their day ? What do they like to do everyday ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Today we went to play in the snow. The snow was cold and we made a snow man. Little Johnny made a big ball for the legs, and Little Paul made a ball for the belly. I made a ball for the head. My ball was the best ball, it was like a head. I put two stones to make the eyes, and Little Paul found two branches to make the arms. Little Johnny found an old scarf and we put around the neck.
The snow ball that Little Johnny made was the biggest snowball. It was very big. Little Johnny is very strong.
And then we had to find a carrot for the nose. But we did not know where to find a carrot. We were up in the mountain, and it was snowing everywhere.
But then we saw the big giant rabbit. We all ran after the giant rabbit to catch it, but Little Paul was afraid to go near, so we could not catch the big giant rabbit. Little Johnny was also afraid, and Little Johnny is the strongest. So I was also afraid. When we where almost near the big giant rabbit we all got afraid to go near the big giant rabbit. We all stopped running after the big giant rabbit.
The big giant rabbit saw me, and the big giant rabbit came to me. I started running away from the big giant rabbit. And the big giant rabbit made big jumps and he got to me. The big giant rabbit had a big giant carrot. I was scared, but the big giant rabbit was a good rabbit. The big giant rabbit gave the big giant carrot to me.
But the big giant carrot was bigger than the snow man.
Little Johnny, Little Paul and me started eating the big giant carrot and the end we had a little piece left.
We used the little piece of the carrot to make the nose of the snowman.