Sunday, 19 January 2014

The pied piper of Frightelin

Do you want your child to be able to express through music ? Do you encourage him to play a music instrument ? How do you deal with the initial learning curve ? Do you stop your child when the sounds are irritating ? How do you encourage him in those initial phases where it's just loose notes ? Did you experience getting the first hint of a tune ? How do you feel when you start to recognize music in the fanfare ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"FON FON FIIIEEEMMM.." are the sounds that are coming from the delicate flute in the hands of the Little Girl. Surprising that somebody could say a flute is a delicate instrument.
"Papi, do you like ? It is very good, I am now going to play another music.", says proudly the Little Girl with the flute in her hands.
"FIIIEEEMMM FON FUN FON FIIIIEEEEMMMM..." is another amazing sound coming from the delicate flute. Papi is about to say bad things about the inventor of the flute.
"You like it Papi ? Do you know the music ? It's Jingle Bells!" continues the happy Little Girl.
"Fantastic Little Girl, you are playing much better than yesterday", answers Papi with a hint on desperation.
"FIIIIEEEEE FIIIIEEEE FON FON FUN..." continues the flute and the Little Girl on top "Jingle all the way...", and back to the flute, "FIIIE FIIIEEE FO FON FUN..."
"That is so good Little Girl, it's getting much better, let's pause now a little bit for you to regain your breath.", suggests Papi wanting a recess for his poor ears.
"No Papi, I must practice, the teacher said we must practice every day..." answers the Little Girl.
"So nice your teacher, he likes hard work...", sighs Papi, "let's change instrument, let's try the piano, you are getting very good at the piano..."
"Yeah, let's try the piano....", and the Little Girl runs to her room to fetch the little piano.
"TOING TOING TUNG THAM...", hammers the Little Girl on the piano keyboard like Chopin, perhaps like Chopin when Chopin was a little baby that had no clue to what a piano was...
"Yes Papi, it is so good, it's the happy birthday song..." shouts happily the Little Girl.
"TOING TING TOING TUHUM THAM..." are the hammered sounds made by the piano, and the Little Girl started singing on top "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....".
The environment was lound and festive, nothing like you could imagine, and suddenly the piano went "RE RE MI RE SOL FA..." and Papi's ears said silently  "Thank you".
Papi jumped out of the sofa to watch the Little Girl playing piano, she was really playing Happy Birthday song, at least some small set of notes that had melody.
Papi felt glad for all the patience he had the last months, and the Little Girl was really proud of her achievement.
"Happy birthday to you..." continued the Little Girl...