Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas is over

Did your child see you take down the Christmas tree? Did you use his help to bring down the Christmas decorations? How did your child react? What did he say? Did he want to keep any decorations ? What did he say he saw the tree without any decorations ? What did you explain to him? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"Papi, why are you taking down the tree?" Asked the Little Girl.
"Christmas is over Little Girl, we now have to start a new period.", explained Papi.
"NO! I don't want, I want Christmas!", cried the Little Girl.
"But it is over, we need to start going to school and begin the new year!"
"NO! If we take the tree Nicholas will not come, I want Nicholas to come!"
"Nicholas is not coming for some time now, he his now in vacations, and soon he will start again preparing next Christmas."
"NO, but I don't want!"
"We will have more parties coming, soon we are going to have carnival."
"No, I want Christmas and Nicholas."
"Come Little Girl, help Papi, Nicholas will be happy and get you a nice present in next Christmas."
"No, I want Christmas now."
"Yes, you may want Christmas, but Christmas only comes once per year, we have to wait a new year, come, let me show you with the boxes on your wall calendar."
And once more, the calendar was useful...

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