Thursday, 9 January 2014

At the movies

Do you remember the first time you took your child to the movies ? What movie did you see ? At which movie theater ? Was your child excited ? Were you excited ? How did he react during the movie ? After the movie, what was it like ? For how long did your child remember the experience ? Tell me your story.
Here is mine, I went to see Disney Planes for the first time...

The Little Girl was excited, Papi had told her she was going to see the cartoons come to life. She could see the posters everywhere while she was with Papi in a queue. Papi wanted to talk with the nice lady, he was asking her where they could sit, and the nice lady gave us dark glasses.
Papi gave me the small dark glasses, I put them on, it was very cool.
"Papi, Papi, look, I look like the pilots of the planes..." shouted excitedly the Little Girl putting the dark glasses on.
They passed by a big poster with all the airplanes, they looked so cool, just like the cars.
"Papi, why is it so dark ? And why they give us dark glasses if it is dark ? I don't like this darkness, I want to go away!" said the Little Girl very scared.
"Look Little Girl, all the other kids are also going into the room, and look at them, they are all happy, come, let's enter the room, there should be more light!" pacified Papi.
They entered a big big room, with a lot of chairs, many chairs, and the chairs in the back more high than the chairs in the front. Papi took the Little Girl into one of the central chairs, they seemed to be in the very center of the room. Everybody was sitting, all the other kids had their dark glasses on. It all looked so cool, everybody was looking at a very big screen.
The Little Girl got excited with seeing so many people in this room, from time to time she shouted high calling Papi to look to some kid doing something strange and silly.
Soon after a bell rand and everybody sited immediately on their chairs. the lights went off, but just as this happened the screen came to life and lots of cartoons were jumping happily on the screen.
"WOW" shouted the little girl as a plane got out of the screen and passed by her left year.
"PAPI, PAPI, the plane passed by me, did you see it ? Wow, it was very very fast."
The Little Girl watched with attention as the movie played, whenever a music came she would stand up and dance with the cartoons. When excited races came, she would stand up and shout for Dusty, she wanted the little red plane to win the race. When the planes were sad, she would ask Papi why... the Little Girl was living the movie, and the movie characters were her friends.
She did not let Papi exit the movie in the end, she wanted to dance the end credits song, she stayed in the room until the very last sound.
She came out, she repeated the story, she told the full story, incredible her memory, she remembered every character, every name, every detail on the movie...
Papi was proud of his Little Girl.

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