Wednesday, 1 January 2014

First Day

The Little Girl went to bed afraid.
Papi said it was the last day of the year.
After she sleeps we would have a new year, a whole new year to fill with many happy days.
What is it like for a year to end ?
The Little Girl was afraid. She did not like this thing of no more days in the year. The last day of the year was really scared.
It was difficult to sleep today. Many noises outside, many explosions. The sky was beautiful, with all the fireworks, lots of colors and lights, and everybody seemed to be very happy. Were all the grown-ups crazy? Was the Little Girl the only one afraid of the year ending?
The Little Girl tried to be awake for as long as she could, the noises were helping her stay wake. But she was tired, she could not continue awake much more. Little by little the Little Girl fell asleep.

- Good Morning Little Girl.
It was Papi's voice. The Little Girl woke up with a jump, and immediately hugged Papi.
- Papi the year did not finish.
The Little Girl was happy, everything seemed to be the same, there was no reason to be afraid.
- This is a New Year Little Girl, welcome to the New Year, I have something special for you today.
Papi gave the Little Girl a big wall calendar.
- My Little Girl, this is a calendar, it is for the New Year. See this little box ?
- Yes Papi, what is the little box ?
- This box is your birthday. When we are in that box you will become 5 years old, This little box here in the beginning is Today. Today is the first day on the New Year.
- Wow.
The Little Girl was amazed with what she was learning.
- With this big pen, everyday we wake up we mark a little box, when we marked all the little boxes until this special birthday box it means it is your birthday party.
- Wow, and on that day we are going to Mickey's house? I want to see Peter Pan, Mickey, Buzz, Woody.
- Yes Little Girl, we will go and see Mickey when it's your birthday party.

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