Sunday, 26 January 2014


Who loves more to make snowmen ? You or your child ? Do you build it together ? Does he tell you to go away ? Does he care about the details such as carrots for nose, buttons for a shirt, stones for eyes ? Do you destroy the snowman together afterwards ? Who does what when making a snowman ? Or you just watch other kids making the snowman ? Do you wear gloves ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"SNOW, PAPI, SNOW... Let's go outside and make a snowman!", shouted excitedly the Little Girl when she woke up and saw the beautiful white morning outside.
Suddenly the house was rushing around all busy doing something.
Mami making fast breakfast, Papi looking for the old buttons, the Little Girl searching for a carrot... and then they switched.
Mami dressing the Little Girl, Papi looking for the gloves, the Little Girl being dressed.... and then they switched.
Mami getting the carrot, Papi drinking a fast coffee, the Little Girl putting on the gloves... and then... they went out the door and onto the courtyard.
Papi started rolling a ball of snow, we needed a bog ball of snow to support the snow man. the Little Girl making a small ball of snow for the head.
"Papi, not fair, we need a ball in the middle, fast, fast, I have the ball for the head."
And Papi made a medium size ball to put in the middle.
The Little Girl put the small head ball on top.
The snowman was getting form now.
Papi went to fetch some branches for the arms, and the Little Girl was putting the carrot nose on the head ball.
Soon after everybody was happy looking at the snowman, Stones for eyes, buttons for a shirt, a hat made of newspapers, a beautiful carrot nose.
But the Little Girl continued making snowballs, but this time to target Papi. The started running around the snowman throwing snowballs at each other. The snowman got dizzy and decided to pickup some snow and started running in circles around Papi and the Little Girl.
Everybody was running now, no longer in a perfect circle, just circling around each other.
And when they circled, the snowman became bigger, it was getting new snow with it's feet has it ran around. So Papi and the Little Girl decided to help the snowman. they fetched the snowballs form the snowman's belly.

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