Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pizza Time

Kids tend to like pizza pretty soon. But there is a moment when after seeing us cooking, they believe it is simple and want to cook as well. Have you teached your children how to make pizza ? Do you let them select the ingredients ? Do you let them put the ingredients on the dough ? Do they want and ask you to do it ? Is one of the ingredients chocolate ? And the other cheese of course ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"What's that Papi?", asks the little Girl always very curious.
"This is Pizza dough."
"Papi, are you making a pizza ?"
"Yes Little Girl, I am making a pizza.", answered Papi.
"I want to help, I want to help, let me help Papi!"
"Sure, let me explain you, look here, the first thing is to stretch the pizza dough.", explained Papi.
"Ah, let me, let me.", said the anxious Little Girl.
"Gentle, gentle, do not rush. That is good Little Girl, that is the right way."
"I like it Papi, Pizza is my favorite food."
"Now we put the tomato sauce on it, here, take a spoon and spread over the dough."
"Its red Papi, tomato, I like salad, can you make a salad pizza ?"
"That is a novelty for me Little Girl, but we sure can try, let's put now over the tomato sauce some cheese"
"Like this Papi ?"
"Yes Little Girl, you are doing it right."
"There is a spot there with no cheese, we need more cheese Papi."
"Here it is Little Girl, let me cut a tomato in slices and we put over the cheese, you like tomato in the salad?"
"Yes Papi, tomato and the funny green leaves..."
"Rucola, Little Girl, the funny green leaves are called rucola."
"Yes Papi, our salad pizza has tomato and rucola."
"Let me now put it in the oven, in 20 minutes it is ready. Thank you Little Girl for helping Papi make the Pizza."
"Thank you Papi, I want the salad pizza."