Saturday, 25 January 2014


How do you feel when your little kid copies a rock-star ? Do you encourage him ? Do you teach him how to play the instruments ? What about a guitar or electric guitar ? Can he play something ? Do you get one of those toy guitars that always play something with style ? How do you go about in the house while he is playing the guitar ? tell me your story, here is mine...

Little Girl get's on stage, she is not frightened, it's not the first time she does this. Holding the guitar she enters with confidence the stage. The room is dark, but as soon as she enters the stage a swirl of color lights go on bringing light and magic to the stage...
The crowd cheers in enthusiasm, and it takes some minutes before the Little Girl can start to play.
When the crowd is lowering the cheering, the Little Girl pulls the first chord from the guitar, and the crowd cheers once more.
The Little Girl encouraged by the receptive crowd pulls second and third chord keeping the crowd in a hypnotic trance. The Little Girl moves the guitar and moves herself on stage at the sound of her music. The lights follow the Little Girl creating an even more magical atmosphere.
The sound goes on and the crowd cheers with each chord of the guitar. The long hair enhances the move of the Little Girls head as she synchronizes the movements with her guitar.
The drums kick in enhancing the music and bringing it to a new level and rhythm. The crowd is getting to craziness level dancing with the Little Girl.
A star is born.