Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Where's my water ?

Do your children play tablet games ? Do you allow them ? What to they like to play ? Is it easy to make them switch off ? Do they play just a game or always wanting a new game ? Do you teach them how to control themselves ? Do you play with them ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl was digging the sand, and the water was all around. She needed to find a way to get all the water to the drain pipe. There where a lot of obstacles. She was digging, she was digging as hard as she could.
Surprise, she found a rubber duck.
"Hello Rubber Duck, do you know the wain to the drain pipe ?", asked the Little Girl.
The rubber duck did not answer the Little Girl.
The Little Girl did not bother and continued to dig. Soon she found a large cave, filled with water.
All the water from above drained to the underground pool filling it up.
The Little Girl swan to the bottom of the underground cave and found some underwater seaweeds. She pulled the seaweeds and the water flowed downwards.
She found the drain pipe.
The water flowed through the drain pipe.
She heard a voice:
"Thank you Little Girl, I can now take a shower, I was really needing one to get clean. Thank you Little Girl."

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