Friday, 31 January 2014

Wake Up

How difficult is it for your kids to wake up ? Do you use an alarm clock ? Do you wake them up yourself ? How do you wake them up ? Are they grumpy ? Are they with energy ? Do they jump out of bed or drag themselves to the breakfast table ? tell me your story, here is mine...

The alarm clock rings. Papi is the first to get up. He gets up and soon after we can listen to the coffee machine. The Little Girl as transformed the coffee machine noise into her personal wake up call.
But today the sound was different, and the Little Girl woke up because she didn't hear the coffee machine noise.
"Papi, Papi ?", the Little Girl got out of bed to check the different routine today.
The Little Girl went to the kitchen and found Papi trying to figure out how the electric kettle worked.
"Papi, what are you doing ?", asked the Little Girl.
"Tea, or at least trying to, do you want tea or milk Little Girl ?"
"Beehhhh, I don't like tea, I want cocoa milk!", answered the Little Girl.
"Let's get the chocolate for the milk..."
Papi and the Little Girl prepared the breakfast, the Little Girl even put butter on the toast.
Then she saw something different, Papi was putting everything in a tray with a beautiful red rose. But he did not take the tray to the dinner room, he went back to the bedroom.
The breakfast was for Mami.
"Happy Birthday Mami!"

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