Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Magic Box

Do your kids play with the big cardboard boxes ? What do they play ? Do they use them for constructions ? Do you allow them to play ? Do they fall playing ? Do you play with them ? Do they play alone or with other kids ? Do you paint the cardboard boxes for them ? Or they paint the boxes themselves ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

== Act 1 ==
The Little Girl blocked the pirates sword with her own sword, and kicked the pirate on the leg who fell down to his knees. Another pirate coming from left came towards the Little Girl who immediately disarmed him. The Little Girl jumped into the ship, protecting from the pirates. The Little Girl ran across the ship from board to starboard, repelling the Pirate's attack.
The Pirate Captain watched the energetic Little Girl defending her ship, he told the crew to attack from starboard while he attacked from board. The Little Girl cut the sails and the sails fell on the Pirates attacking from starboard entangling them.
The Little Girl concentrated her efforts now on the Pirate's Captain. The Pirate's Captain was quite a swordsman, it was a fantastic sight to see the two fencing each other. Finally the Little Girl found an opening in the Captain's attack and kicked him. The Captain fell to the see where eager sharks were waiting for him. The Captain swimmed to shore as fast as he could swimming away from the hungry sharks.

== Act 2 ==
The Little Girl arrived at the house. She went to fetch all her friends. She saw Woody the cowboy sheriff and took woody to the little house. She saw Bernie the bear and Mouthy the dog, and took both in the little house. She saw Stripee the zebra, Roarie the lion and Flash the horse, and took them all to the little house.
The Little Girl went to fetch the tea cups and the tea pot. She served tea to all her little plush friends in the little house.
The little girl turned on the TV, and from the little house, the Little Girl and her friends enjoyed the movie on TV. The Little Girl and her friends chatted a lot, Woody the sheriff cowboy was one of the stars of the movie.

== Act 3 ==
The Little Girl was late for the party, she had her beautiful blue dress on, and she was going to have a fantastic party. The carriage was ready, but the horses to pull the carriage were not there. She had to search for them. She went to every corner to find the horses.
She found Bernie the plush bear, "Come Bernie, you need to pull the carriage.".
She found Mouthy the plush dog, "Come Mouthy, you need to pull the carriage."
She found Flash the plush horse, "Come Flash, you need to pull the carriage."
She found Roarie the plush Lion, "Come Roarie, you need to pull the carriage."
"No", said Roarie, I am the King, i do not pull carriages, the carriages pull me.
"Please Roarie, I need to get to the party", begged the Little Girl.
"I can go to the party with you, but I sit in the carriage with you", answered Roarie.
So the Little Girl had to look for another horse to pull the carriage.
She found Stripee the plush zebra, "Come Stripee, you need to pull the carriage."
The Little Girl and Roarie sat on the carriage and went to the party together.