Saturday, 25 January 2014


Do you like to see your child paint ? Do you encourage him ? What does he paint ? Does he like to paint ? Do you remember his first painting ? What does he like to paint ? Do you paint with him ? What paints you and your child use ? How does the house look like after your child painting activity ? What is his favorite theme ? Does he paint mummy and daddy ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl was holding the little brush. What color should now she put on the little brush ? Blue ? Yes blue, blue is a good color.
The Little Girl painted the top of the page blue. papi always painted the top of page blue, blue is the color of the sky.
"Look Papi, I have painted the sky."
The Little Girl was proud of her blue sky. Now she needed to put clouds. But she did not know how to paint white.
The Little Girl was sad because she could not paint white clouds.
"Papi, I do not know how to paint white clouds. How do I paint white clouds ?"
"You have to leave space where you want the clouds. But you can paint a happy yellow sun now."
"Yeah, I am going to paint a happy yellow sun."
The Little Girl was looking at the colors and deciding what color next. Red, red is a good color. And the Little Girl painted a red ball in the middle of the page.
Next she got the black, and made a circle above the red ball. The Little Girl was inspired.
"Papi, I think there is a cartoon hiding behind the red ball."
The Little Girl continued drawing with the black paint. And now she just needed the shoes to look like usual.
She painted the shoes yellow.
"Look Papi, Mickey Mouse was hiding in the painting, but I found him.", said the Little Girl giggling.