Friday, 3 January 2014

Finding Nemo

Is your kids bathing time a pain for you ? Do they like to have a bath ? Do they fight to get into the tub ? Do they bring their toys with them ? Does the bathroom looks like a war just happened after the bath ? Do they want to stay for hours in the bath playing with the water toys ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl lost her Nemo plush toy. She was looking everywhere for it, she was really missing little Nemo. Last time she had a great adventure with Nemo. The little fish went everywhere, it went in the car with the Little Girl, it went to kindergarten, it went to the aquarium visit. It was very good to have Nemo during the aquarium visit. Little Nemo told the Little Girl the name of all the fishes.
She surprised Papi when she told him the name of the shark was Bruce. Papi did not know that the shark was called Bruce. The Little Girl always liked to explain things to Papi. Papi never knows anything about the important stuff, Papi only knows boring stuff.
Now the Little Girl was very sad, she did not find Nemo, and she wanted to go and see the turtles with Papi.
She asked all the other toys where Nemo was, but no toy seemed to know where Nemo was.
She found the little blue and yellow fish. The little blue and yellow fish was called Dory, and it was for sometime now that the little blue and yellow fish did not swim.
- Hello Dory, where is Nemo ? Asked the Little Girl.
- Get me a battery and I will help you find Nemo. Answered Dory.
- I do not have batteries, I will have to ask Papi, wait here Dory.
The Little Girl ran out of the room looking for Papi.
- PAPI! PAPI! Where are you ? Shouted the Little Girl.
She ran around the house looking for Papi until she finally found him. She explained Papi that she was looking for Nemo and that Dory would help find Nemo but she wanted a battery and a bowl of water.
Papi smiled at the Little Girl and went to look for a battery for Dory. Came back and then talked for a long time with Dory. After a while Dory was happy and wanting to swim. Papi handed over Dory to the Little Girl.
The Little Girl went to the sea with the Dory and swam for a long time. Mami went with the Little Girl to help her swim, get the ears cleaned and get the hair shiny. While Mami helped the Little Girl, the Little Girl was swimming with Dory.
After they came from the sea, Dory had explained to the Little Girl where Nemo was.
The Little Girl went straight into the room and found Nemo where Dory said he would be.
Nemo was next to the book from the aquarium, he was happily reading the book and remembering the visit he made to the aquarium with the Little Girl.
The Little Girl than explained all the adventure of little Nemo to Papi.