Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Bird's Nest

Has your child asked you about an empty nest ? Or why can he see the nest ? Why does the tree not have any more leaves to hide the nest ? Why are there no birds near the nest ? Did you explain the seasons ? Or migration of birds ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

- Look Papi! A bird's nest! Shouted the Little Girl from the backseat of the car.
- Papi, look, another bird's nest. Continued the Little Girl.
- Oh! Papi, Look, look, a bird's nest. Shouted the Little Girl now getting very impatient for not having anybody paying her attention.
Papi was wandering what was the Little Girl talking about, when he noticed that the winter trees without leaves revealed the birds nests. It was a interesting detail he never noticed.
- Yes Little Girl, Papi sees now the birds nests. Said Papi soothingly to calm the Little Girl.
- Look, Look! Another bird's nest! Shouted the Little Girl now in a more excited tone.
- Yes Little Girl, the trees opened their branches for the birds to fly away. Explained Papi.
- I don't see the Birds Papi. Said the Little Girl disappointed.
- The birds moved to a place more warm, not so cold, like grandma's house. Tried to explain Papi.
- Why ? The Little Girl brought her favorite question.
- Well, the birds do not have warm clothes like the jackets of the Little Girl, so they have to go to warmer places .
- Why ? The birds do not like winter ? asked the Little Girl.
- It's not a matter of liking, it's that they can't live in a cold place, they get snow on their wings and fall to the ground.
- No, that can't bee, they fly only after the snow falls. The Little Girl shook her head.
- Look at the bird's nest, do they have a roof ?
- Eheheh! That is funny Papi, off course not, the birds need to fly and the roof stops them flying. Explained the Little Girl.
- So, when the birds are sleeping, the snow will cover the little birds and they will be very cold.
- Papi, let's get the birds nest and put in the house, they can stay in my room. The Little Girl was very proud with the solution.
- And how will the birds fly to the nest ? You leave the windows open for the cold and birds come in to your room ?
- Ah! Ok! That is unfair!

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