Sunday, 12 January 2014


Have you explained what is money to your child? How often you use the excuse that you don't have money? Is it common to talk about money? What does your child think about money? Is your child valuing money? What do you want your child to think about money? Tell me your story.
Two years ago I had an interesting one, here is mine...

"Papi, you going out? Can you bring me a chocolate? Take here a bill to buy the chocolate" Said the Little Girl handing very proudly a play money bill from the play cash register.
Papi laughed when he got the bill, "Hello Little Girl, so now you know that we need money to get things".

"Yes Papi, this is for a chocolate, this is for an ice-cream, this is for a doll." said the Little Girl handing over several play money bills.
"But you know that you have to do things to get the money?"
"That is why Papi goes to work."
Papi was proud.
When Papi came back he looked for the Little Girl. The Little Girl was happy to see Papi coming.
Papi put a money bill on one hand and on the other the chocolate.
"Which one do you want Little Girl?
"The chocolate." Shouted the Little Girl.
"But if you take the money you can buy a doll."
"But I already have a doll, I don't need another."
Papi gave with a big smile the chocolate to the Little Girl.