Monday, 27 January 2014

Late night kiss

How do you feel when you come home late for your kids ? How do your kids feel when it's time for bed and you are not home ? Do they wait for you ? Do the go to bed missing your night kiss ? Do you come home late often ? Do you try before to at least talk by phone with your child ? What does your child say to you when you arrive home ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl was sad, it was time for bed and Papi was not home. Mami was reminding the Little Girl to go to bed every 5 minutes now. And Papi was not yet home. Papi promised to build a Lego house for the horses. The horses did not have anywhere to sleep. This is very bad.
Outside the window the Little Girl could see the stars. A small and very bright star came to the window.
"Hello Little Girl, why are you sad ?", asked the small bright star.
"Papi is not home, I want Papi !", answered the Little Girl.
"Go to bed Little Girl, Papi will be home in the morning.", suggested the small bright star.
"The horses don't have a place to sleep, this is very bad."
"Do you want me to show Papi the way home ?", asked the small bright star.
"Yes little star, please show Papi the way home !"
The small bright star flew up in the air and it became bigger as it went up. the small bright star was not small anymore, it was now a big shiny star. The big shiny star could be seen from long distance now. Somewhere Papi would see the bright star and know the way home.
After some time the Little Girl could listen somebody rattling keys at the door, she ran to the door very excited.
"Papi, Papi, did you follow the small bright star ?", asked excitedly the Little Girl.
"No Little Girl, I saw a big shiny star.", answered Papi.
"That was the small bright star that grew bigger so that you knew the way home, the star wanted you to know where to go.", explained the Little Girl.
"Now I am home Little Girl, we have to say thank you to the small bright star."
"Yes Papi, come, we have to build the horses house, they do not have a place to sleep."
Papi went to the Little Girl's room and started building the house for the horses. The Little Girl was very tired and she fell asleep after the first stone of the house was layered.
Papi tucked the Little Girl into bed and continued to build the horses house. After all a promise is a promise, and the horses could not sleep without a house to protect them. The Little Girl would see the horses house when she wakes up.

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