Saturday, 15 February 2014

Another great moment

Another great moment.
My daughter got entranced by reading the first mock-up of the new book. Received the print in the mail, and couldn't rest until i went through the ritual of reading a story to my daughter.

She loved the story, she really liked it and said to me that she liked it, "Papi, the story is beautiful!".
That is a huge motivator to continue.
While reading, and many days after having sent the story for creation of the mock-up , we really get a new feeling for the story. Some paragraphs that are not needed, they do not add anything to the story, and just makes the story to long for the kids. Other sentences are too elaborate for the kids, so need simplification. It is a huge pleasure doing this, and we do it with the feeling of creating something.
It is really indeed a great experience.
Now I'm doing the first proof-reading of the books in both English and Portuguese. And a dear friend is helping me with the German version as well.
excited moments these that i am living now, creating something, and especially feeling committed to my own promise made in July 2013 to myself.
A huge thanks to all the fans that have inspired me to carry on.

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