Sunday, 9 February 2014


Do you like taking a walk with your children, simply enjoying the moment together ? Do you go to new places ? Do you go to places were you get surprises or unusual things ? Have you ever crossed somebody with a different hobby on the street ? How do your children react ? Do they say "wow" ? Do they also want to try it ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Papi and the Little Girl were looking for ice-cream. It was the first time they were in this street. Neither papi nor the Little Girl knew where they could find an ice-cream shop. Looking in all they directions, suddenly the Little Girl said "WOW!".
The Little Girl was looking at a mono-cyclist. It was the first time ever that the Little Girl saw one. "Papi, is he from the circus ?" asked the Little Girl. "I want to go to the circus, I want to see the mono-cyclist.", said the Little Girl.
The Little Girl saw a broken bicycle. She went to the broken bicycle and took one of the wheels. She stood on top of the wheel and shouted to Papi; "Look Papi, look at me!". The Little Girl was balancing on top of the wheel. "Can you get me a saddle Papi, I need a saddle for this to become a mono-cycle."
"You need more than that Little Girl!", answered Papi.
But the Little Girl did not care. She took her little play pony from her backpack, and from the pony she took the saddle out. The little Girl had now her mono-cycle. the Little Girl was riding the mono-cycle. "Wait normal man clown, wait for me..."

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