Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Egg and the Spoon

Do you make games for your children ? Are kitchen utensils usually involved ? You make versions in cardboard or thick paper ? Do you paint your creations ? Do they involve more physical and agility or intelligence and creativity ? Have you tried the game of carrying an egg with a spoon ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl was looking at the birds. The birds seemed to be happy. But a small lady bird was sad, she was crying a lot. The lady bird did not have an egg. She wanted an egg, she wanted to have a baby bird. The Little Girl did not know what to do to make the lady bird happy again.
Other birds were very happy, they had a lot of eggs, and the parents were singing happily baby songs. The Little Girl saw a bird's nest without any birds. She climbed a a bit the tree and saw that there was one egg. The Little Girl asked the birds that lived in a neighbor nest: "Hello happy birds, why is that egg alone in the nest ?".
"There was a big bad bird that came and chased the birds that lived in that nest, they had to fly away.", answered the neighbor birds.
"And the birds never came back ?", asked the Little Girl.
"No, they never came back!", answered the neighbor birds.
The Little Girl did not hesitate, she fetched a spoon to not touch the egg, and carried the egg to the sad lady bird's nest. in the way a barking dog came and scared the Little Girl. But the Little Girl was in a very important mission, she could not get scared and let the egg fall. The Little Girl kept all her courage and let the dog bark near her while she held the egg safe with the spoon.
Along the way a group of bicyclists passed very fast, they almost caught the Little Girl by surprise, but the Little Girl held steady the egg with the spoon. The came a cat running very fast. the cat passed under the Little Girl's legs, but the Little Girl held steady the egg with the spoon.
The Little Girl finally arrived at the sad lady bird's nest. Carefully the little Girl placed the egg in the nest.
The sad lady bird was no longer sad. the lady bird started singing happily and thanking the Little Girl.
The Little Girl was happy, she found a home for the lonely egg, and found a loving mother to share the love with the new baby bird.
The next day the Little Girl came to visit the lady bird, and she found the lady bird singing with the baby bird.