Thursday, 6 February 2014


Do your kids like speed ? Do they like wheel sports ? Do you feel it as transportation or fun ? Are you a bicyclist ? Do you make trips with your children ? Do they convince you to do skateboarding ? What about rollers, do you or your kids have one ? Do they push the bicycles, skateboards, rollers to the limit of their speed ? Do you make them use protective gear ? Is the helmet always present ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl put her right leg on the pavement, pushing with strength the roller. The Little Girl gained speed and held tight to the handlebar. Foot once more on the pavement and another strong push.
The Little Girl enjoyed the speed on her face, she could feel the wind of a not windy day. All the wind the Little Girl could feel was wind made by herself. And the Little Girl wanted to feel more wind, so another string push with the right leg.
The roller was passing by all the trees, each time faster and faster, the trees passed quicker and quicker. Nobody could catch the Little Girl, she was as fast as an airplane, if only she could fly.
The Little Girl held tight to the handlebar and was imagining to visit the clouds. The sound of the wheels on the pavement suddenly stopped, the Little Girl jumped with the roller and for that brief moment she was flying. The sound of the wheels resumed as the Little Girl went to small mound.
Up from the mound the Little Girl could see all of the park. She pushed the roller down the mound with all the speed she could, she pushed, she pushed, her foot on the pavement getting more and more speed. Soon the Little Girl placed both her feet on the roller and enjoyed the speed going downhill.
As the speed increased, the Little Girl stopped listening to the sound of the wheels on the pavement to be replaced by the whoosh of the sound of the air passing her ears. The Little Girl was flying in a magical moment, she could see the trees, and after the Little Girl saw the trees from above flying over them. She flew over the pond and made a low flyby to see the wind generate small waves over the pond as she flew over it.
The birds joined her in the flight. The Little Girl was heading the V shaped flock of birds. The flock headed by the Little Girl looked like an arrow pointing and calling everybody's attention that the park was the place to be for having fun.