Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sand Castle

Do your kids like to play with the sand ? Do you take them to the beach, sandbox or playground ? Do they take the pail and shovel ? Do you make them use special clothing ? Do you help them with the constructions ? What do they like to build ? Or do they prefer to draw on the sand ? Do they build around the little animals ? Do they fetch leaves, branches or sea shells ? Or they bring some toys to play on the constructions ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"More wet sand, this dry sand does not stand still." said the Little Girl to her soldiers.
"We cannot build a castle with this dry sand.", the Little Girl continued.
The soldiers started looking for some wet sand. They needed to dig a little more, perhaps the wet sand was under the dry sand. They searched everywhere in the playground's sandbox.
"We need more people to look for the wet sand.", said the Little Girl looking in the direction of the princess Beauty and prince Charming. Not a second more and the princess and prince were also looking for wet sand.
The Little Girl paused a bit to regain strength. She drank a bit of water, and she spilled some.
"Ah! Soldiers, spill your canteens on the sand, that will give you the needed wet sand.", instructed the Little Girl.
The soldiers brought the wet sand. The Little Girl used the shovel to place the sand in the pail and with each load the Little Girl made the castle towers. Now to build small walls between the towers and she had a beautiful square castle.
"Into the castle.", instructed the Little Girl. And all the soldiers took their place guarding the castle on the tower, walls and door. "You too.", said the Little Girl to the princess and prince.
The Little Girl dig a moat around the castle, "Now the castle is protected, to bad there are no crocodiles today to put in the moat, they must be after the pirate captain"