Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Cancan Dancers

I enjoy theme parks and the certain element of surprise you have if you don't look at any programs for the street entertainment. I like being surprised by spontaneous shows starting at the place I am. Do you like these street entertainments? Do you like walking through streets where you always experience something new and refreshing ? Do you like to take your kids to those places ? How do they act when they suddenly see a clown coming from behind a tree ? How they act when suddenly they see a talking lion coming in their direction ? What about flash mobs ? Or simply the theater next door starting a dance show at the street and taking the audience inside ? tell me your story, here is mine...

The family was walking down the boulevard. the street was wide and a lot of performers on the street. the Little Girl was excited, she had never seen such entertainment.
The little Girl could see a man juggling 3 balls in the air. The Little Girl could see a silver statue that each time somebody put a coin in a platter, the statue would start moving and thanking. The Little Girl could see a man with a monkey, and when the monkey moved the winch, the Little Girl could hear music. The Little Girl could see a man playing with swords, he was eating the sword, the complete entered his mouth.
Suddenly the music became louder, it sounded like the music from the cowboy movies. And ladies with beautiful dresses, with big round skirts, started dancing in the street. they gave their arms to other people on the street and suddenly there was a crowd of people holding arms and dancing with the legs.
The dancers took the crowd to the theater. Everybody started sitting as the dancer went up the stage. The Little Girl did not want to sit, she went with the ladies up the stage as well. The Little Girl danced with the lady dancers, and everybody in the crowd cheered.
The Little Girl was dancing, and everybody came from the street to see her dance. She danced, and danced, and danced, like she was one more star in the night sky. The lady dancers were also stars, but the Little Girl shined brighter. And everybody enjoyed, and in the end everybody clapped hands in joy.