Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Seat Belt

Are your kids educated with seat belts ? Do they put them on without hesitation ? Do they try to travel without the seat belt on ? Do the use it everywhere ? On cars ? On planes ? On trains ? In joy rides ? What do you do when they don't want to put on the seat belt ? Do they make a scene ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Papi was taking the Little Girl to the party. The Little Girl was happy, she was going in Papi's car.
Papi sat the Little Girl on the special seat. The Little Girl came with some friends. Mouthy the plush dog and Jumpy the plush rabbit both came on the trip as well.
They were all going to visit the Pink Girl and the friends Beardy the plush bear and Neckie the plush giraffe.
The Little Girl put the seat belt on and told Mouthy and Jumpy to pout the seat belt on. Papi always said it was dangerous to travel without the seat belt. Jumpy put the seat belt on, but Mouthy did not want to put it on. Mouthy said that the seat belt made him feel very tight. And mouthy wanted to be able to move and watch out of the window.
The Little Girl told Mouthy it was dangerous, and if Papi saw he was not wearing the seat belt, Papi would be very angry. But Mouthy did not care. He sat and wiggled his tail.
Papi was driving the car, they were going slowly. Suddenly the Little Girl saw the Blue Boy through the front window. Papi stopped the car very fast to not hit the Blue Boy. The Little Girl and Jumpy both felt the pressure of the seat belt and they sat still in the car. But Mouthy did not have the seat belt on. Mouth flew to the front seat and hit the head on the front window of the car.
the Little Girl and Jumpy were safe, but Mouthy was hurt on his head.
"Next time wear the belt Mouthy!", said the Little Girl to Mouthy, the disobedient plush dog.