Friday, 28 February 2014

Papi's day off

Ever taken a day off to simply enjoy it with your kids ? How valuable time is that for you ? Do your kids like when you do that with them ? Do you mind for them not going to kindergarten on that day ? What do your kids want you to do ? What do you plan to do with them ? Do the plans come to life ? Are both parents around ? Is it just you or your partner as well ? What do you feel by being the only parent on this special day ? Do they ask for your partner ?

Mami was going to school, and Papi was not working today! What about kindergarten ? Today was going to be boring at kindergarten, it was good to be with Papi.
"Papi, where are we going ?", asked the Little Girl.
"It's a surprise", said Papi.
"Why is Mami not coming ?", asked the Little Girl.
"Mami went to school", said Papi.
"Why did Mami go to school ? She does not like to be with us ?", asked the Little Girl.
"It's a grownup thing Little Girl, Mami loves you!", answered Papi.
They walked a bit, the winter seemed to be disappearing and small hints of spring could be felt in the air.
They walked for a bit to the garden where some flower could be seen.
"Wow, beautiful."
Papi and Little Girl searched for stones, round stones, the Little Girl liked to collect the stones. Soon a little squirrel passed by. The Little Girl tried to chase the squirrel. But the squirrel was too fast. Another squirrel came. From the top of the branch the Little Girl got the feeling the squirrel was laughing. The Little Girl said to the squirrel: "Hello, you want a nut ?".
The squirrel starred still at the Little Girl. Another squirrel appeared on another branch. And then another. But they did not approach, not without seeing the nuts. But the Little Girl had no nuts.
"Come to my house if you want nuts, I do not have with me", said the Little Girl.
The squirrels seamed to understand, for they started following the Little Girl back home. The Little Girl could see the squirrels hopping from branch to branch. I was lunch time, Papi prepared lunch for two. While that, the Little Girl gave some peanuts to the squirrels. While the Little Girl gave nuts that the squirrels liked, Papi made a special effort to make things the Little Girl liked.
"Papi, we must leave some food for Mami, when she comes she will be hungry!", asked the Little Girl.
"Just like the squirrels, they ate the nuts, but are taking some for their mommy."