Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Mammoth

Do you take your children to see kid's shows ? Does he like it ? Do you go with the full family ? Do you stop for the merchandise ? Do you go to shows where your child's heroes appear ? Does he want to be part of the show ? Is it difficult to get him in the show room ? What is it like after the show ? Does your kid talk about the show for hours ? tell me your story, here is mine...

All the heroes were in the show. Papi did not know the names of the heroes. the Little Girl had to explain everything to Papi, she was really upset that Papi did not know all the heroes. The squirrel after the nut was tough for the Little Girl, she also did not know the name of the squirrel.
But the squirrel was funny, he always made silly stuff trying to get the nut. He was a bit like the Little Girl, said Papi. Papi was always saying that the Little Girl did a lot of silly stuff and always something strange happened when the Little Girl was active.
Not today, today the Little Girl was sitting quietly watching the squirrel do silly stuff. Then came the mammoth family. they were always happy. The little mammoth went to play and ended up away from the parents. The bad birds came and took the baby mammoth.
The Little Girl saw all of it happen, she did not understand why the other friends of the baby did not see it.
The Little Girl shouted "Watch out, the bad birds are coming!". But it seemed that it did not good, nobody was paying attention to the Little Girl. She decided to intervene.
The Little pointed the flashlight at the bad birds as they were flying away. And the Little Girl started chasing them, she fetched the saber-tooth lion to come with her. She told the saber-tooth lion the way to go. "They are hiding there, come, let's go fetch the baby mammoth", shouted the Little Girl.
The sloth got lost while chasing the saber-tooth lion. The Little Girl shouted at the sloth "Up here, come lazy sloth!".
It was really very fortunate that all the animals had the Little Girl watching everything. She helped them to find the baby mammoth and restore happiness to the big, really big, family! Two really big mammoths and a baby mammoth bigger than 10 Little Girls.

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