Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Let's Play ?

Does your family live in a multilingual environment ? Do you teach other languages to your kids ? Does your kid understand what a language is ? Can your kid differentiate between languages ? Do you watch movies in other languages ? What is the exposure of your kid to other languages and cultures ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl did not like to fly in the plane. The Little Girl had to sit down for a very long time. And when the Little Girl wanted to play, Papi and Mami told her to be quiet.
"I don't want to fly anymore... it's boring!", said the Little Girl when they got out of the plane.
Soon the Little Girl saw another Little Girl and went to play.
"Let's play, let's play copycat", suggested the Little Girl.
The other girl did not understand the Little Girl, she just shrugged her shoulders, universal sign of not understand... or not caring...
The Little Girl insisted making funny monkey faces, "Let's play copycat."
The other girl approached her mummy, "That Girl is saying strange things", told the other girl to her mother in the same language the Little Girl usually talked with her own mother.
The Little Girl approached the other girl once more, and insisted "Let's play copycat!", and the other girl to her mummy, "See, she speaks funny.!"
The Little Girl could not understand the confusion in the other girl, and why she said to her mother that she talked funny.
The Little Girl went back to Papi.
"Papi, that girl does not talk the language of the kids, she only talks grownup language...", complained the Little Girl to Papi.
"Little Girl, in this place, the language of the kids is the same language you and Papi speak.", explained Papi.
"Ah! This place is silly, the cartoons on TV are in kids language or in grownup language ?"

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