Saturday, 8 February 2014


Do you go often with your kids to the playground ? Do your kids ask you to take them ? Do they like the playground ? Can they stay for long ? Do they play with the swings, sandboxes, monkey bars, sliders or invent games on top of them ? Do they play with the other kids or play alone ? Do you have a ritual like going for ice-cream afterwards ? Do you go there by bicycle or walk ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl climbed the ladder quickly, other kids followed her. At the top of the ladder she made a small jump on to the platform. The other kids mimicked her. The Little Girl walked on the rope bridge to the platform on the other side. The other kids followed her. At the tower the Little Girl climbed the stairs to the top of the tower. The other kids climbed the stairs as well. The Little Girl slides down the slide and the other kids follow her.
The Little Girl runs around the play castle. The other kids followed her around the play castle. the Little Girl says: "STOP!", and all the kids stop. The Little Girl shouts: "RUN!", and all the kids start running. The Little Girl shouts: "JUMP!", and all the kids jump. The Little Girl shouts "Clap you hands!", and all the kids clap their hands. The Little Girl shouts "Stomp your feet!", and all the kids stomp their feet.
The ice-cream lorry comes with its music. It is playing a pop hit. The Little Girl starts to sing the song and stomping her foot. The other kids also sing the song and stomp the foot. The Little Girl sings loud and dances like on the TV. All the other kids follow her steps and dance to the song.
The playground was now transformed into a music show. All the parents watching and enjoying. When the music stopped the kids were exhausted. All the kids cried at the parents for ice-cream. The Little Girl copycat the kids and asked Papi for ice-cream.