Saturday, 15 February 2014

Roses are Red...

How much are your children exposed to love ? Do you tell them frequently that you love them ? Do they say they love you ? Do you encourage them to express their fondness ? How do you express your love with your partner in front of them ? Are you keen on having joint moments together ? To what you say no so that you can be with your children ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl asked Papi to pick her up at kindergarten. It was nice to have Papi pick her up. And today was a special day, she did not know it when she told Papi. At the kindergarten the Little Girl and her friends learned how to make little paper hearts. Postcards in heart shape. They even used a doctor thingy to listen to the heart beating.
Papi appeared at the class door. "Papi, I made this heart for you, I love you!", said the Little Girl proudly to Papi. "I think you have been learning about Saint Valentin today!", answered Papi.
"Where is Mami ?", asked the Little Girl. "She is at school, let's pick her up", proposed Papi.
They went to pick up Mami at school. They stood both at the entrance. Papi was holding a rose, and the Little Girl was holding another heart postcard.
Mami came.
"I Love You!", said Papi to Mami.
"I Love you Mami!", said the Little Girl.